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FriulIncoming is a business network bringing together four of the major incoming agencies in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, an Italian region between the province of Venice and the eastern border with Slovenia and Austria.

Our agencies have been operating for years in the region’s incoming sector with diversified territorial skills and services, and this allows us to be able to answer the most complex, urgent and desparate requests with an all-round service offer.

Our services embrace air and railway ticket office, tourist bus rental, and the complete organization of tourist packages and stays region wide. We provide services for cruises, for schools, for international T.O.’s and we will be ready to satisfy all your requests on this unique territory, known for it’s multicultural charm, which allow you to travel to 4 different countries in just one day: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Austria.

In this region we offer itineraries that enhance the rich cultural heritage of our land, the traditions of our villages, the landscape value for all outdoor activities and the varied local food and wine experiences.